Orange Floral


Add some colour to your wardrobe with this orange shirt featuring a floral pattern reminiscent of a classic Hawaiian lounge shirt. Contrasting white florals are featured on the cuffs, collar, and inside placard. 100% 2-fold cotton, and has a tailored, tapered fit. This shirt also features convertible cuffs.

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Using traditional English shirtmaking techniques to craft luxurious and contemporary garments, our aim is to provide you with exclusive fabrics from some of Europe’s finest weaving mills. Colour, design and quality are standard hallmarks on our shirts.

The SOMNIA sport shirts range has evolved over time to what you need when nothing else will do. Featuring non-fused cuffs and collar, split yoke and doubled placket, they are engineered to last long. All these make for a luxurious and durable garment that fits both business casual and social ocassions where you need to make a statement. The colours selection and patterns range offer you the flexibility to wear an attire that perfectly suits the occasion and enpowers you to live your dream in style.